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Having a great ERP system will not do unless implemented well because ERP solution implementation methodology is different from the conventional software development methodology. The best-of-breed processes and practices are in-built in an ERP solution. The implementation involves mapping an organization's processes against the processes provided by the solution, and then refining the organization's processes.

An ERP solution implementation requires full-time involvement of the users of the system, as well as the backing and support of the senior management because it involves refining an organization's operating processes.

The implementation methodology adopted by Mindgadget involves:

  • Formation of implementation team
  • Preparation of implementation plan
  • Mapping of business processes on to the package
  • Gap analysis
  • customization
  • Development of user-specific reports & transactions
  • Uploading of data from existing systems
  • Test runs
  • User training
  • Parallel run
  • Concurrence from user on satisfactory working of the system
  • Migration to the new system
  • User documentation
  • Post-implementation support
  • System monitoring and fine-tuning

With expertise in SAP, Oracle, NetSuite and Salesforce our Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) evaluates all the key factors of your business. As the implementation partner, we ensure:

  • Scalable and robust software package
  • Ease of implementation
  • Service and support-software, hardware & networking
  • Business process reengineering
  • Ability to support cutting-edge technology, such as e-commerce, EDI, CAD, & CAM

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